Field of Study – Civil engineering – major: engineering structures

Level and form of study – MSc/full-time (3 semesters)

Tuition fee – no fees – funded by the European Union

Steps to apply online!

The main attention is paid to educate a modern construction engineer, ready to work in international construction company, e.g.: Complex Concrete and Metal Structures, Mathematics, Issues in Contemporary Building Physics, Precast Concrete Structures, Theory of Constructions, Special Foundations, Structural Dynamics, Structural Reliability Theory, Theory of Elasticity and Plasticity.

Sophisticated tools to design an engineering structure enriched with management skills and sustainability in structures, e.g.: Management of building projects, Sustainable Construction, Computer Methods, CAD, Cost Management in Construction.

Additional components to prepare for a job in international team, e.g.: History of Architecture or Art, History of Engineering Structures, Ethics in Business, Technical English, Polish Language and Culture, Practical Placement in construction or design company with international team.

Note: Only graduates of civil engineering (bachelor) will be admitted to this programme.

Steps to apply online!

If you have any questions please contact me an e-mail: or call on

Whatsapp: +48 570 373 200.

Best regards,
Head of Admission office
Maryna Maćkiewicz

APPLICATION DEADLINES for studies beginning from winter semester 2019

on-line registration for EU GRATED PROGRAMS: 01 April 2019 – 20 June 2019

submission a complete set of documents: 24 – 30 July 2019 (ORIGINALS)

announcement of recruitment results: 09 August 2019

Steps to apply online!



1) personal questionnaire – application form for studies with the candidate’s signature 

2) High Secondary School Diploma + Apostile

3) Bachelor Degree Diploma + Suplement/attachments legalised or with an apostille (original document must be presented to the International Mobility Office),

4) translation into Polish of the Bachelor diploma if it is drawn up in a foreign language,

5) a medical certificate stating that there are no contraindications for the candidate to study on the chosen programme, in accordance with the applicable regulations of the Ministry of Health (if it is required in a given field),

6) photocopy of passport (notarized copy),

7) two current color photographs, meeting the requirements of the photo for the ID card (signed with: first and last name) and additionally an electronic version of the photo,

8) declaration of readiness to take up studies,

9) photocopy of a document confirming knowledge of the language in which the studies will be conducted (notarized copy). IELTS 6.0 or MOI!

10) Eligibility Statement, confirming the right to apply for Master programs!

11) Admission fee payment

Steps to apply online!



1. Bachelor Degree diploma and attachment + Apostile

2. Medical certificate

3. passport

4. digital photo

5. declaration of readiness + personal questionnaire (WAITING FOR UNIVERSITY, when they will send I will forward it to you)

6. confirmation of English skills

7. Eligibility statement

8. admission fee payment

Steps to apply online!